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  1. binder globally present

    binder globally present
    Since January binder was appearing at trade shows in Europe, North America and Asia. A consistent and pervasive Corporate Design was running through all fair appearances. Brief insight! all about automation Small fair, many contacts, major appearance At the trade fairs in Hamburg and Friedrichshafen binder appeared with a small but efficient booth concept and could show off with their...
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    Join binder USA May 9 -11 with your latest technology and solutions and engage with prominence at the industry's premier drone and robotics show, AUVSI's XPONENETIAL 2017. binder will be present located at booth #2047 displaying our paramount booth display, showcasing the wide range of circular connectors binder offers. binder is a leading supplier of circular connectors and solutions for...
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  3. binder M16 Connectors – A solution for Thick Panel Walls

    binder M16 Connectors – A solution for Thick Panel Walls
    Camarillo, CA - binder has released a new product in the miniature style connectors to include a M16 flange socket with square flange mounting. In the industrial segment, miniature connectors are particularly important for measurement and control technology. M16 connectors are distinguished by their wide range of characteristics and designs. The new flange mount connectors are available with soldered or...
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  4. Acquisition of Introbest GmbH & Co. KG

    Retroactive with effect January 1st 2017, Franz Binder GmbH & Co. Electrical Components KG acquired Introbest GmbH & Co. KG with its headquarters in Fellbach near Stuttgart. Introbest GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist in the manufacturing and assembly of electronic components and systems. In close cooperation with binder electronic manufacturing services GmbH & Co. KG (b-ems) in Vohburg...
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  5. New Connectors for Power and Signal Transmission

    A new range of high performance power connectors has been launched by MPE-Garry. This new series 724 / 725 is able to transmit currents up to 25 A per way with a minimum board space requirement. These parts are offered as pure power connectors with power contacts only as well as combination connectors with a mix of power and signal...
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  6. New M12 S- & T- Coded Overmolded Power Cable Connectors

    Camarillo, CA - Binder has introduced a new line of M12 S-coded and T-coded connectors to now include overmolded cable solutions. The cordsets are premolded and ready to be assembled onto any application. The M12 power connectors are commonly used for industrial networks in process and manufacturing automation. These cordsets are designed using PUR cable material and are available in...
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  7. Binder M12 S- & T-Coded Power Panel Mount Connectors

    Camarillo, CA - Binder has expanded its new line of M12 S- & T-coded power connectors to now include a plastic panel mount receptacle. The receptacles are prewired and ready to be assembled to any application. The M12 power connectors are commonly used for industrial networks in process and manufacturing automation. For assembly, the connectors can be mounted directly to...
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  8. Binder is now ISO 13485:2012 Certified

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  9. How to Specify M-Style Sensor Connectors

    M-style connectors are a standard connecting solution for sensors and actuators in industrial network applications. They are designed to withstand harsh environments while providing reliable data and power transmission to automated machinery. Using an industry standard connector simplifies sourcing the connectors from suppliers for new projects and ensures replacements are readily available, which can significantly reduce production downtime. The M-style...
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  10. Binder Compact Power Connector With Hex Nut

    Camarillo, CA - Binder USA is introducing a new style of panel-mounted connectors in its line of power solutions. The RD24 connector with plastic hex nut reduces the need for mounting screw holes and is the perfect solution for applications with a thick panel box. Due to the compact, easy to install mounting design and multiple fields of use, the...
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