With a higher demand for quality tested connectors, our UL listed and UL recognized connectors ensure reliable and safe connections. It is our goal to establish UL certifications for a vast majority of our cordsets, field-attachable connectors and panel-mount receptacles.

With the UL certification, we have made changes to the part number scheme for cordsets. Previously, our part numbers have been starting with 79 and continuing with more digits to identify the type of connector. Presently, our new part numbers begin with 77, following with digits to identify the type of connector and cable inquired.

Additionally, there are some slight differences between our old 79 cordsets and the new 77 products such as cable color, wire gauge size, and as already announced, UL listed.

The following are the differences between a 79- and a 77- item:

  • All cables are now high-flex rated
  • All cordsets are UL listed
  • PVC cables will have gray colored cable
  • PUR cables will have black colored cable
  • M12 A-Code 5-pin cordsets are changing from 24 AWG to 22 AWG wires
  • M8 3- and 4-pin are changing from 24 AWG to 22 AWG wires
  • M12 B-Code, all pin counts, are changing from 20 AWG to 22 AWG wires and will no longer use green/yellow wires.

The following product families will be effected by this change:

This change does not effect Binder's ability to create custom cordsets and private labeling for M8, M12 and 7/8" cables.

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