Camarillo, CA - Binder USA has introduced a new product line of white connectors. The white connectors are offered in two quick-connect and disconnect styles including snap-in and bayonet locking. These connectors are suitable for the medical industry and applications where aesthetics are key to the design.

This product line follows the design of binder’s existing snap-in and NCC (Not Connected Closed) Bayonet locking connectors. The connectors have a white/grey color (similar to RAL 9002) commonly used for medical applications where connections need to be identified and show any contamination.

Ranging from 3-12 contacts per connector with a rated current of 1-7 amps per contact, these connectors are able to provide viable power and signal for a variety of applications. The snap-in style connectors are easy to assemble and extremely cost-effective. Designed to withstand ingress of liquids and debris, the Series 620 & 720 connectors are IP67 rated.

The Bayonet Series 770 connector is being used in many patient monitoring applications and binder is excited to offer a white version. The no cap required receptacle is perfect for preventing FOD and offers an IP67 rating in an unmated condition, which is an improvement over alternative splash-proof connectors. These NCC solutions are the ideal connector for touch-proof designs, panel mounted applications and has 5,000 mating cycles guaranteed.

For more information on the new Binder white connectors, visit or contact Binder-USA, 3903 Calle Tecate, Camarillo, CA 93012, e-mail: [email protected], telephone: 1-805-437-9925, fax: 805-504-9656.

About Binder-USA

Binder-USA, LP is a subsidiary of Franz Binder GmbH & Co., a German-based designer and manufacturer of circular connectors and cordsets for use in industrial environments including factory automation, process control, and medical technology applications.