Product Improvements

  1. Product Improvement of M12 PCB Panel-Mount Connectors with Angled Contacts

    The panel-mount connectors consist of a contact insert for the PCB mounting and the connector housing. The assembly of both components happens by mounting the PCB into the housing furnished by the customer. Between the connector housing and the insert there had so far been no possibility of applying a sealing which could have been lead to problems in the...
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  2. Product Improvement - Series 420 Conversion from O-Ring to Flat Seal

    Franz Binder GmbH & Co. has changed the sealing between the cable connector and the panel connector of the Series 420 push-pull connectors.  The previous connector did not have a good enough acoustic and tactile feedback required for a push-pull connector.  The plug connection has been revised and the feedback has been greatly improved so the user clearly knows when...
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  3. Molded M8 Cable Connectors Re-Designed

    Franz Binder GmbH & Co. has re-designed the molded M8 cable connectors with a new overmold design and an anti-rotation device. The change of the overmold has been made to the male and female versions and the anti-rotation device has been implemented for the female versions. These changes will not have any affect on other specifications of these items. During...
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  4. M12 D-Coded Receptacles with Green Contact Insert

    Franz Binder GmbH & Co. has changed the color of the contact insert from black to green for the M12 D-coded PCB mount receptacles. This makes it easier for users to identify the Ethernet port on the device and avoid damage by forced mating to units with different codings. This change will be implemented in stages, therefore mixed shipments of...
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