Field Attachable 7/8? Connectors

CAMARILLO, CA - Binder-USA is pleased to announce an expansion of a new version of the 820 series 7/8” threaded connectors. These cable plugs will now accept cables having an outer diameter of up to 14mm max. This provides more versatility for industries requiring connections for Fieldbus applications.

The 820 series are now available with two cable outlet sizes, 8 to 10mm and 12 to 14mm allowing cable diameters ranging from 6-14mm. Binder’s 7/8” connector products are available with 3, 4 or 5 gold plated contacts supporting up to 12 amps each. The new design will continue to ensure an IP67 environmental protection rating when fully mated. New protective caps are also available for both the 820 and 870 series to maintain an IP67 rating while connectors are not mated.

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Field Attachable 7/8