The Series 696 HEC connector is designed to go places that most connectors cannot. Primary industries include agricultural, building machines, as well as traffic and signaling technology. Other harsh environments may include environmental and process engineering such as purification and recycling plants.

The HEC connector has a trusted IP68 and IP69K degree of protection, able to endure powerful high-pressure, high temperature water jets. These applications can withstand cleaning for sanitation of equipment, and regular spray downs for machinery and road vehicles.

The aim was to develop a robust connection for these applications to meet sector-specific demands, in particular the stringent environmental requirements for UV resistance, insusceptibility to temperature fluctuations, resistance to acidic rain, saline mist, ozone and further pollutants in the air.

A 3-point bayonet locking mechanism makes for a safe and secure, fast locking design, while preventing any wrong connection. The crimp contacts ensure a secure, vibration-proof contact.

The contact arrangement is a hybrid 4x signal and 3+PE power configuration with a variety of cable cross-sections. Signal contacts are rated at 3A each and rated 60V overall. Power contacts are rated 25A each and have an overall rating of 400V. VDE and UL approval assures easy integration with new application designs.