M12 Right-Angle Connectors with Iris Spring

CAMARILLO, CA— Binder-USA, a global supplier of circular connectors, has expanded its M12 product line with shielded right-angle cable connectors using the advanced iris shielding spring feature. The connectors are ideally suited for automation and industrial network applications where space is limited.

The Series 713, 715 and 825 connectors feature an internal iris spring, which simplifies the connection between the cable shield and the connector body. This concept allows fast and easy installation of a braided or metal foil shield with 360° protection from electromagnetic interference. The connectors have 4 or 5 gold-plated contacts and are available with A-, B- or D-coding. The cable outlet accepts cable diameters from 5 mm to 8 mm. Connectors are IP67-rated for a protection from the ingress of water and dust. The connector housing is made of brass and die-cast zinc.

Both male and female field-attachable cable connectors are offered with this new feature. Multiple styles of panel-mounted receptacles are available to mate with the new connectors. Pricing for up to 49 units is shown in the online shop at www.Binder-USA.com.