M12 Socket Connectors with Profibus Cable

CAMARILLO, CA— Binder-USA has released a M12 shielded panel-mounted male or female connector pre-assembled for Profibus and Ethernet users.  The receptacle is attached to a shielded cable with a twisted pair of AWG 22 wires.

The Profibus receptacles are available in front- or rear-mount design for mounting to control cabinets. The die-cast zinc housing has a galvanic connection to the braided shield of the cable, which assures excellent protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI). The IP 67-rating protects the contacts from liquids and debris. The connectors are currently offered in the B-coded version with a standard cable length of 0.5 meters. Both male and female connectors are available with 2 gold-plated contacts crimped to a twisted pair of wires.  Rated current is 4 A at a maximum operating voltage of 250 V. Each socket connector is compatible with matching Binder-USA B-coded field-attachable connectors and cordsets.