Camarillo, CA - Binder-USA has improved the design of the Series 423 M16 short version connector. The re-engineered connector features a new metal cable collet which replaces the previous plastic version. This change makes a more robust connector for harsh environments, while simplifying the installation and ensuring a more reliable performance.

The improved M16 connectors are available with gold-plated contacts ranging from 2  to 19 pins. When mated and locked the connection is IP 67-rated ensuring protection from liquids and debris.  A complete connecting system is available with male and female versions. The new parts will gradually be available replacing previous stock over the coming months.

Binder-USA, LP is a subsidiary of Franz Binder GmbH & Co., a German-based designer and manufacturer of circular connectors and cordsets for use in industrial environments including factory automation, process control, and medical technology applications. For more information related to Binder-USA’s products and services, visit or call 805.437.9925.