M8 Right-Angle Cordsets

Binder-USA has expanded the Series 718 M8 connector family with male and female right-angle cordsets. The right-angle form provides more versatility for applications with various space requirements. These connectors are mainly used in sensor, measurement and control applications.

The cordsets have a cable molded with a 90 degree angle at the body of the M8 connector. Standard cable lengths are 2 and 5 meters with the options of PUR or PVC coating. All variants are available with 3, 4, 6, and 8 gold-plated contacts and have a rated current of 1.5 A and an overall rated voltage of 30 V. When fully mated and locked the connectors achieve an IP 67 rating, which ensures protection from liquids and debris.

For a complete connecting solution mating cordsets, field-attachable and panel-mount connectors are available. See Binder's Series 718 and 768 for the complete M8 product line.