Over the last 10 years MPE-Garry has permanently extended their product portfolio in the area of wire to board connectors.

Starting with standardized IDC-connectors MPE-Garry's product range now carries a wide range of versions such as crimp, solder cup or fine pitch FFC connectors. This extensive range of products is presented on MPE-Garry's website under www.mpe-connector.de

To have a perfect platform for presenting this range of products, MPE-Garry has produced a sample board where the most popular parts are mounted on. With this board, customers have the possibility of inspecting the mounting of these parts and also of trying the mating and unmating forces together with the different available locking systems. The sample board is packed neatly in a case and will be with every outside sales person from MPE-Garry and their distributors.

To easily get details like drawings or technical data for one of these parts MPE-Garry has installed a special tool on its website. This is called W2B-Selector and every part on the board can be selected with a magnifier. When placing the magnifier over a part, the part itself and the mating parts will be shown on the right hand side of the screen. Next to this there is a "Show Details" link which guides directly to the corresponding datasheets with all information. From this datasheet it is possible to order samples or ask for a quotation.

For details please contact MPE Garry's U.S. sales office, Binder-USA, by phone or email at [email protected]