The new "verbinder"

Dear readers,


Since the previous year was extremely successful for our company, I am glad that we currently continue to have similar good results in 2018. This ongoing positive trend makes me proud.

The major challenge for me is to manage this strong growth and make binder always able to respond in an appropriate manner to the different economic challenges. We respond to the fact that “we are bursting at the seams” with sustainable investments in personnel and machinery. In order to meet the demands of our customers in the future as well, we recruit new employees and we have already rented new facilities in Neckarsulm and for binder precision parts in Switzerland. Moreover, we are considering an additional production site.

Due to the high vertical integration which we also have in place with the help of our subsidiaries and a reasonable relocation of turned parts, stamped parts and die castings to different binder sites, we were in a position to reduce our back orders to a certain amount. I am working at full stretch on a comprehensive strategy together with my management team to solve this problem which is not quite small in the long run. Please be assured that I am totally aware of the situation.

In this issue you learn about how we minimize faults with the aid of computed tomography, what the way to a new certification looks like and how digitalization takes shape in the new building. In addition, there is an update by the team of our corporate health management.


Markus Binder
General Manager



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