Overmolded Cable Assemblies with Snap-in Connectors

CAMARILLO, CA—Binder-USA is pleased to announce the addition of overmolded cordsets to the Series 620 and Series 720 family of plastic snap-in connectors. The snap-in locking system allows quick connect and disconnect of the mated pair. Snap-in locking connectors are commonly used for commercial and light-duty medical applications.

The male and female cordsets are available with gold-plated contacts ranging from 3- to 12-pins per connector. When properly mated, they are IP 67-rated, protecting the connection from ingress of liquids and debris. Each cordset is constructed with a plastic shell molded onto a 2-meter PUR cable. Custom cable lengths are available. Binder-USA offers mating receptacles and field-attachable connectors in both Series for a complete connecting system.