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  1. Torque Wrench Ensures M12 Connectors are Properly Mated

    Camarillo, CA - Binder-USA announces the release of a new torque wrench designed to aid in connecting and disconnecting standard M12 field attachable cable connectors with hex shaped locking nuts. The tool is designed to ensure hex nuts are tightened to the correct torque value of 0.6Nm. The tool also allows connectors to be easily unmated as it locks when...
  2. M8 Cable Connector Design Reduces Assembly Time

    Camarillo, CA -- Binder-USA is proud to announce a design enhancement to all 768 series M8 cable connectors. The new design reduces the number of loose components in each package from 5 parts to only 2. This improvement drastically decreases time required for assembly. The new 2-piece design is made possible by an improved, automated assembly process. During assembly, the...
  3. Protective Caps Keep Snap-in Connectors Sealed to IP67

    Camarillo, CA – Binder-USA announces the addition of protective caps to the popular 620 series snap-in connector system. When applied, the protective caps ensure unmated connectors maintain an environmental protection rating of IP67. The 620 series with protective cap is ideal for use on hand-held devices and in medical applications. Protective caps are available for male and female cable connectors...

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