Protective Caps Ensure 7/8? Connectors Stay Sealed to IP67

Camarillo, CA - Binder-USA is pleased to announce the addition of protective caps to Binder’s 820/870 series 7/8” threaded connector system. These caps are designed to maintain an IP67 protection rating while connectors are in the unmated condition. The caps protect the connectors from the ingress of dust, moisture and other debris.

The newly designed protective caps are available for straight and right angle cable plugs as well as panel-mount sockets within Binder’s 820 and 870 series. All caps include a convenient strap which can be fixed onto cables or panels ensuring caps are not lost. The caps are a welcome addition to Binder’s 7/8” connector products which are available with 3 to 5 contacts supporting up to 12A each. The high power handling capability of these connectors makes them ideal for industrial and power applications.

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Protective Caps Ensure 7/8