MPE Garry factory in Fuessen,
Bavaria, Germany

MPE Garry GmbH

Manufacturer of High-quality PCB connectors

MPE Garry

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MPE Garry GmbH began in 1975 as a manufacturer of stamping tools and machines. After various ownerships by such international organizations as Tyco and Amphenol, the company was acquired by Franz Binder GmbH and became in 1991 a member of the Binder Group. Today, MPE Garry is located in southern Bavaria, in the beautiful town of Fuessen.

The modern MPE Garry facility offers:

  • First-class design and engineering
  • In-house tool and die shop
  • State-of-the-art automated production
  • Extensive testing lab
  • ISO 9001 certification

MPE Garry produces and markets primarily PCB connectors in many styles and pitches and with various termination techniques. From simple through-hole SIL/DIL socket strips to very high-density low profile board-to-board 0.5 mm stacking SMD connectors, MPE Garry covers essentially all requirements for PCB connections.

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Binder-USA, being a member of the Binder Group, represents MPE Garry in the North-American market.
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