Our highlights

HEC Power Cable and Flange Connectors

So small and yet powerful - now even more from the HEC!

  • for the power range at 32 A, 600 V and compact design
  • Connection type: crimp; corresponding accessories can be ordered separately
  • Cable and flange parts also with UL approval
  • Protection class: IP68 / IPX9K

ELC - Easy Locking Connector

Completely new locking system: extremely durable and even easier to use!

  • Secure locking system, high reliability thanks to snap-in hooks
  • Mismating impossible due to precisely fitting mating area
  • high mechanical load capacity (>5000 mating cycles)
  • Protection class: IP54

NCC - flange socket with rear wall mounting

Bayonet NCC flange socket, finally also for rear wall mounting

M12 connector

Our M12 classics for automation technology

  • available in different codings (A, B, D, X, S, T, K, L, C/US coding).
  • wide range of connection types:
    • Screw terminal
    • Crimping
    • Cage tension spring
    • IDC
  • for many application areas, e.g. measurement, control, communication, regulation, sensor technology and others

M8 connector

Perfect for industrial machines and factory automation

  • also ideal for a number of industrial applications outside traditional industries
  • space-saving design allows compact connection units
  • some variants even available with LED display
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