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Part no.: 09 2472 00 05

Adapter, Contacts: 5, unshielded, pluggable, IP67, VDE

7/8", series 820, Automation Technology - Voltage and Power Supply
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This Adapter with screw locking and a pin count of 5 is according to its protection class IP67 Dust-tight and has complete protection against contact and protection against temporary immersion. It can be used in areas with a pollution degree of 3. In places where contamination can occur that is conductive or can become conductive through condensation. With temperatures ranges of -25 °C/85 °C is this unshielded 7/8" Adapter designed for both severe cold and severe heat and has VDE approval. Due to the qualified rated voltage of 300 V and the rated current of 6,0 A it is perfectly tuned for its field of application.
General features
Part no. 09 2472 00 05
Connector design Adapter
Version Adapter
Connector locking system screw
Termination pluggable
Degree of protection IP67
Temperature range from/to -25 °C / 85 °C
Mechanical operation > 100 Mating cycles
Weight (g) 122.37
Customs tariff number 85369010
Rated voltage 300 V
Rated impulse voltage 4000 V
Rated current (40 °C) 6.0 A
Pollution degree 3
Overvoltage category III
Insulating material group I
EMC compliance unshielded
Contact body material PUR
Contact material CuZn (brass)
Contact plating Au (gold)
REACH SVHC None (No pollutants)
CAS 7439-92-1 (Lead)
SCIP number f6c29127-c1a9-4f8e-96d7-3e1be735e103
eCl@ss 11.1 27-44-01-09
ETIM 9.0 EC003569
Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU (EN 60204-1:2018;EN 60529:1991)
General Disclaim Notice
  1. The connector must not be plugged or unplugged under load. Non-observance and improper use can result in personal injury.
  2. The connectors have been developed for applications in plant engineering, control and electrical equipment construction. The user is responsible for checking whether the connectors can also be used in other areas of application.
  3. Plug connectors with enclosure protection IP67 and IP68 are not suitable for use under water. When used outdoors, the plug connectors must be protected separately against corrosion. For further information on the IP protection classes, please refer to the "Technical Information" download centre.
  4. To lock the cable connector with the device connector, the threaded ring is tightened "hand-tight" (approx. 50 cNm).
09 2472 00 05