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Connector type
The connector type can be used to distinguish our products for installation in a device housing from cable parts. The connector type describes the difference between connectors that are mounted on enclosures and connectors that are mounted on cables.
A connector consists of the male part (pin) and the female part (socket). Depending on the design, the male or female part is either permanently installed or are located at the end of a cable.
Number of contacts
This indicates the number of contacts the connector has.
The choice of version allows the definition of certain technical specifications – for example the type of cable outlet or the size.
Locking Type
The locking system describes how the pin and socket elements are joined.
Rated voltage
The rated voltage is the electrical voltage assigned to the connector.
Degree of protection
The degrees of protection according to IEC60529 apply to various articles and provide information on protection against the intrusion of water and solids such as dust.
Material of housing
Depending on the area of application or requirements, connectors are made of different materials. We offer metal and plastic housings for our items as the housing material.
Our articles have various approvals which can be preselected here. can be preselected here.
Cable Jacket Type
The material of the cable jacket. PUR, TPE, TMPU or TPE-U cables each have different technical properties.
Cable length
Our items with molded or pre-assembled cables have different cable lengths. It describes the length of the cable from the end of the connector. If the desired cable length is not included, please contact our sales department.
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Industrial environments demand robust and efficient lighting solutions to ensure optimal visibility and safety within operational and manufacturing settings.

Industrial LED light

LED lights have revolutionized the illumination landscape, offering unparalleled energy efficiency and durability advantages.

M12 LED lights

Industrial LED lights, encompassing a spectrum from M12 LED lights to LED strip lights, can cater to the specific needs of factories, warehouses and other industrial settings. binder offers LED lights, including stainless steel LED light bars and aluminum LED luminaires, which combine durability with versatility.

Find your suitable LED lights from binder:

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