Plastic injection moulding

In our injection moulding process, we process high-performance plastics (e.g. PPS, PIE, and PEEK) and technical plastics (e.g. PA, ABS, and PBT) into high-quality technical parts, which are either supplied directly to customers or built into our own products. Machines with a closing force of 25–300 t in 1 and 2K are available.

Overmoulding (hybrid technology)

Our services in this area include:

  • Media sealing overmoulding of turned and stamping parts
  • Overmoulding and injection of zinc and aluminium housings
  • Overmoulding of optical fibres

Overmoulding of cables

We develop and produce overmoulded and ready-to-connect cable kits, which are tested for IP protection. Depending on the requirements, the individual wires are crimped or soldered to the contacts.

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