Waterproof Connectors for Industrial and Automation Applications

Waterproof connectors from binder are ideal for industrial and automation applications that have to withstand liquids. Depending on the material, connectors with a protection degree of IP67, IP68 or IP69K can withstand weather conditions in outdoor applications, submersion in greater depth, high-pressure water jets, and aggressive cleaning agents. The required degree of protection varies by applications, and is specified by binder for each connector.

Which waterproof connectors does binder offer?

Protection against the ingress of moisture is essential for connectors and cables for both functional and safety purposes. However, the meaning of the term 'waterproof' is relative to the conditions of the application in question. In conventional industrial environments, male and female connectors don’t often come into direct contact with moisture, but in more demanding environments they must withstand temporary submersion (IP67) or irradiation under high pressure at high temperatures (IP69K). 

Most binder products are waterproof, but the specific field of application determines which product and level of protection is the right fit. Male and female waterproof connectors are available with a wide range of contacts for different voltage ranges and typical currents, including special low-voltage and high-current versions. In the following, selected binder products that have special properties for applications with moisture and liquid media are featured.

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The 8-pin cable connector of binder’s NCC (Not Connected Closed) series 770 is an example of an IP67-rated connector. Equipped with a bayonet lock and designed for more than 5,000 mating cycles, the NCC connector is protected against temporary submersion even when unmated. Waterproof connectors with snap-in locking (binder series 620 and 720) are available in 3 to 8 poles and protected to IP67. NCC connectors are equipped with an O-ring on the receptacle side and a seal in the clamping area. They can withstand more than 1,000 mating cycles, despite their sensitive snap-in hooks. binder's IP67 portfolio also includes field-wireable M12 connectors available in various coding and numbers of poles, as well as corrosion-resistant versions with stainless steel or plastic threaded rings.

All molded cable connectors of the 763 series are waterproof to IP68 when mated; they include signal and sensor cables and media- and temperature-resistant threaded plastic rings. The A-coded M12 connector is available with 3, 4, 5, 8 and 12 poles, also for the low-voltage segment.

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The IP68/IP69K portfolio includes the outdoor connectors with bayonet quick-locking of the HEC series, which also includes high-current variants. They are available with 5, 8 and 12 poles and can be used as cable and flange connectors for up to 600 volts and 32 amps. The outdoor and stainless-steel versions of the 713 series - A-coded M12 connectors, available in 4 and 5 poles, also meet IP68/IP69K requirements. Outdoor versions are made of plastic suitable for those environments, and equipped with protective caps that protect the signal connectors from the harsh outdoor conditions. Stainless-steel versions, on the other hand, are especially resistant to even more extreme environments and weather conditions.

In addition, binder offers waterproof overmolded circular connectors that are resistant to extreme temperatures and harsh cleaning agents. They are available in 3 to 5 pole and 6 to 12 pole versions with an IP68/69K protection rating that makes them suitable for the food and beverage segment. They are available in light gray versions with stainless steel threaded rings.

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Our waterproof connectors

Advantages of binder’s waterproof connectors

  • Waterproof connectors for harsh outdoor environments and extreme weather
    UV and temperature resistant material with IP67 to IP69K degree of protection
  • Unplugged waterproof due to protective caps or NCC technology
    A spring-loaded protective cap releases the contacts only after they are plugged in. When unplugged, the 670 series is splash-proof to IP54. The 770 series is splash-proof to IP67.
  • Suitable for high hygiene requirements
    Designed to avoid dirt and dust on the housing, Can be cleaned with high-pressure jets due to IP69K protection level, Stainless steel variants are resistant to aggressive cleaning agents (certified according to Ecolab)

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  • Selection of different locking types and materials for various applications
    M12 threaded rings made of plastic of stainless steel, respectively bayonet or snap-in mechanisms
  • Designed for applications with short connection times and frequent mating
    Snap-in locking allows fast, convenient connection and supports a high number of mating cycles
  • Function and design from a single mold
    Special coloring meets market-design specifications for applications including food & beverage and medical technology

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For which industries are the connectors suitable?

In industrial electronics, as well as in factory and process automation, the resistance of components to the ingress of liquids is a basic requirement. Waterproof connectors with IP67 protection, such as the NCC 770 series, are also suitable for use in handheld operating devices, medical equipment, and LED lighting technology assemblies. The 620 and 720 snap-in series are also suitable for medical applications. Other areas of application include measuring equipment, industrial lighting, and seat heaters in outdoor stadiums. With an IP67 rating, binder’s M12 outdoor connectors can be used for outdoor building installations.

IP68-protected, corrosion-resistant connectors with plastic threaded rings, such as the 763 series, are equipped for outdoor use with UV- and temperature-resistant materials while maintaining a high mechanical load capacity.

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Applications with high liquid loads, such as washing systems, or demanding hygiene requirements, such as food processing systems, generally require protection class IP68/IP69K. This category also includes lighting and measurement technology applications as well as device supply. Application examples for the HEC series circular connectors include tunnel lighting for moist environments, underwater measuring probes, and supply lines for submersible pumps. HEC connectors are also widely used in the agricultural industry.

The 763 series and the stainless-steel variants of the 713 series are a perfect fit for the food and beverage industry. In general, the IP69K-protected male and female M12 connectors are suitable for installation in machines and systems that are cleaned with high-pressure cleaners and aggressive cleaning agents.

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